Missouri Standards Alignment Project

Background Information

 A request was made by Missouri Head Start directors to the Missouri Head Start-State Collaboration Office for assistance in the creation of an alignment crosswalk that would include national and state early learning program requirements/standards.  

The identified purposes of the Standards Alignment Project:

Assist programs with efforts to:

·Articulate and demonstrate compliances are aligned across identified federal and state regulations and standards; and

·Diminish stressors on program leadership and staff; and

· Maximize time and resources, especially as it relates to new hires

Organization of Information and How to Utilize Tools:

Utilizing the National Program Standards Crosswalk Tool,  the Missouri project then prioritized,  identified, and integrated selected state requirements into an excel spreadsheet. While the Missouri Standards Alignment Project is a fluid and expandableproject, the crosswalk tools currently include the following:

Federal standards

  • Child Care Development Fund
  • Head Start Program Performance Standards
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program


State standards

  • Missouri Child Care Licensing
  • Fire Safety
  • Sanitation


The content is organized by Nine (9) Topical Areas.  Each topical area includes (1) overview document and (1) excel spreadsheet.  The excel spreadsheet is further organized by Sheet (1) and Sheet (2).  Sheet 1-National Standards only for CCDF and Head Start; Sheet 2-copied in the National CCDF and HS Standards then added all the Missouri Licensing Standards that most logically “related” to the national standards.  At this time, these are not aligned item by item.

·Children with Special Needs

·Eligibility, Recruitment & Transition

·Family and Community Partnerships

·Health and Safety

·Learning Environment, Teaching Practices, and Curriculum

·Personnel Management and Human Resources

·Program Administration



**For more informationon the National Program Standards Crosswalk Tool and to access the tool visit:  https://qrisguide.acf.hhs.gov/crosswalk/

Acronyms for Reference:

Early Childhood National Standards-Resource Acronyms

Information about the Crosswalk:

MOA-Key to Crosswalk 11-30-18.pdf

This document is to serve as a key to the Missouri Head Start-State Collaboration Office's Standards Alignment/Crosswalk and where the Missouri Accreditation Quality Indicators were added. 

Standards Alignment by Topic:

Eligibility & Recruitment-

Eligibility^J Recruitment^J Retention 12-9-17.docx

Copy of Eligibility^J Recruitment^J Transition (b) 12-9-17.xlsx

Family & Community Partnerships-

Copy of Family Comm Partnerships (c) 11-28-18.xlsx

Health & Safety-

Copy of Health ^0 Safety (c) 11-27-18.xlsx

Learning Environments-

Copy of Learning Environments^J Curriculum^J etc (c) 11-27-18.xlsx


Copy of Nutrition (c) 11-27-18.xlsx

Personnel Management-

Copy of Personnel Mgt ^0 HR (b) 11-30-18.xlsx

Program Administration-

Program Administration.xlsx

Children with Special Needs-

Copy of Children w-Special Needs.xlsx


Transportation (c) 11-27-18.msg.xlsx


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