Head Start Services

Children's Services
· Academic.Head Start prepares children for school by teaching them to listen, speak clearly, follow directions, solve problems, and use numbers and words.
· Social. The program teaches children to respect others and how to cooperate and resolve differences.
· Health. Head Start teaches personal and dental hygiene and provides daily nutrition and health screenings and follow-up care by medical and dental professionals.
· Disabilities. Children with disabilities are welcomed and receive services from specially trained teachers. At least 10 percent of Head Start participants have physical, social or intellectual disabilities.

Family/Community Services
Through personal counsel, resource-sharing, Head Start helps family members with academic, childrearing, job and housing issues.
· Parents and grandparents volunteer in the classroom or on field trips and on Policy Council, which guides each local program.
· Head Start partners with community groups and businesses to link children and families with resources such as medical/dental care, child care or  job training.

Staff Services

The dedication of Head Start staff is reinforced by many opportunities to learn and grow in their profession. Up to 5 percent of program budgets go to staff education and training.



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