Training and Event Materials

Training and Event Materials

Presentations for Head Start Program Use

MO Head Start Trauma Learning Collaborative Webinar-October 2016

Community of Practice: A Missouri Example

2014 Missouri Transition Summit:

2014 Missouri Transition Summit – Welcome and Opening Remarks

2014 Missouri Transition Summit – Implementing Transition

2014 Missouri Transition Summit – Dr. Louis Manfra

2014 Missouri Transition Summit – A Multi PerspectiveView Supporting Transition

Differences Embraced: A Head Start Tradition

Differences Embraced: A Head Start Tradition Overview Document

Differences Embraced Overview.docx

Child Safety and Supervision Webinar- “Who is Watching the Children?”

Impact of Homelessness on Young Children’s School Readiness Webinar: Featuring Dr. Louis Manfra: 

Head Start & Community Partners: Working Collaboratively to Support School Readiness & Family Self Sufficiency

Welcome with Stacey Wright, Director of MO Head Start State Collaboration Office

Strength Based Services withRhodanne Schiller, MO Head Start T/TA System, State TA Manager ECE & ITSpecialist–M

NationalPerspective: School Readiness and Family Self-Sufficiency with Jeannie Chaffin, Director, Office of Community Services

Regional Perspective: School Readiness and Family Self-Sufficiency with Clarence Small, Program Manager, Region VII Office of Head Start

StatePerspective: School Readiness and Family Self-Sufficiency With Linda Haus and Cindy Burks

Panel Discussion

Small Group Discussion

Large Group Sharing